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31 Oct


Fall can easily be mistaken for a season of gloom, as temperatures drop and nights grow longer. Needless to say, you’re probably going to spend more time indoors when those conditions come around.  So here we are sharing with our top-five autumn events you can immerse yourself over the coming colder month.

8 November 2019 OZEF VAN WISSEM 

Jozef van Wissem – Dutch minimalist composer and lute player comes to Ukraine with concerts.

In 2013, he received an award at the Cannes Film Festival for the best original music for the film Jim Jarmusch “Only Lovers Left Alive”. Joseph is known for his unconventional approach to the use of lute – an instrument typical of the Renaissance and Baroque eras, but more than unexpected in modern music. Despite the sophisticated electronic sound processing, van Wissem largely remained faithful to the traditional timbre, resonance and technique of playing the lute.

His music is concise and clear, produces a hypnotic, almost instinctive emotional impact on the listener and is performed by the author with an ascetic focus, which is reflected in the names of individual works drawn from Catholicism. Long-lasting compositions and elegant melodies as if lead the listener to another, ideal world.

We invite you to experience the delicate magic of Joseph’s music at a concert!

12 November 2019 DONNY MCCASLIN

Despite his long successful career, McCaslin grew up playing jazz ensembles with his father in Santa Cruz, California, and began recording his own material in the late 1990s. Working with David Bowie has undoubtedly influenced his vision of his craft.

McCaslin emphasizes Blow’s “wide range of moods” and some of them, such as the energetic 10-minute Break the Bond instrumental track or the chaotic Exactly four minutes of improvised music, will be familiar to his fans.

Donnie McCaslin and his band will certainly fascinate you and showcase jazz you haven’t heard before.

18 November 2019 SKILLET

They are known, they are loved, their songs are sung by full halls all over the world. Including in the capital of Ukraine. The authorities of Christian rock come to us – Skillet! And not just like that, but with a new Victorious album.

According to the frontman, the band wanted to continue the positive line of the previous Unleashed album: “While working on Victorious, I realized that Unleashed is a very energetic and fun record. We wanted to do something again – a collection of songs that will make people move forward. Well, or raise your hands up at our concerts.”

We are waiting for you at the big autumn show Skillet

19 November 2019 LORD OF THE DANCE

November 19 at the Palace Ukraine will host the performance of the world famous legend of Ireland – Lord of the Dance! The team will present an incredible show called “Dangerous Games”.

The dance group was created by choreographer Michael Flatley more than two decades ago and has become a global phenomenon. His grand shows combine the high technology of holograms, live music, traditional Irish tap dance, amazing stage costumes and acrobatics.

Lord of the Dance can be called the most successful dance show in the world. After all, on their account sold-out tours in the US and Europe. DVD recordings of the performances were platinum in the UK, USA and Ireland, as well as gold in Australia and Canada.

In Kyiv, you will find a virtuoso performance of Lord of the Dance with the participation of young talents. Do not miss the grandiose return of the team to Kyiv!

21.11 – 29.11  JAZZ WEEKEND

Jazz Weekend at the Freedom Hall Cultural Center is the main musical event of November 2019.

World stars representing jazz, smooth jazz, jazz funk and jazz fusion will perform on the stage of one of the best concert halls of the country as part of the Jazz Weekend.

Every day, Jazz Weekend will be full of cool music, strong drinks, a warm state of mind and long-awaited meetings with brilliant musicians of the world musical elite. The musical community of the Ukrainian capital will plunge into a huge jazz world.