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1 Jun


The safety of our guests and staff is our first priority. To ensure a safe environment at Senator Hotels and Apartments, we have taken a number of safety and security measures.

Security service

-The security staff is available 24 hours a day

-Supported by professional security company (armed response)

-All the security staff effectively trained in their role in case of an emergency

-There is a CCTV system in the building

-There is a recording device in effect for the CCTV-system: time-lapse video and hard disc recording

Access Control

-Hotel access point is limited to one main entrance, which is guarded 24/7

-The entrance to the hotel is locked at night and can be opened to guests after ringing the doorbell

-Passport or photo ID check at hotel check in. Access by unauthorized persons is restricted

-Proper lighting of corridors and stairs for prevention injury

Medical Preparedness

-A doctor on call 24 hours a day

-A pharmacy in close vicinity to the apart hotel

-Basic first aid kits available in the apart hotel

-Selected staff trained as basic first aid responders

Emergency Preparedness

-Emergency plans and evacuation sound warning system

-Emergency key duplicates for duty and security manager

-Clearly marked emergency exits and stairways

-Emergency and evacuation procedures are regularly reviewed and rehearsed

-Police and fire response capacity adequate and within a 5-minute response time

Guestroom Security

-All guest room doors including balcony can be locked securely

-Windows and balcony doors properly and securely mounted

-In-room secure deposit boxes to keep valuables (laptop)

-Spy holes to allow residents to view clearly area of outside without opening the door

Fire safety

-Firefighting equipment readily available on all floors

-Staff is trained in the use of the available firefighting equipment

-Firefighting equipment is periodically checked

-Smoke detectors are installed in all guest rooms

-Copies of the evacuation plan posted in each guest room


-There is a basement in the apart hotel that can be served as a shelter

-Senator Maidan and Senator City Center are in 5 min walk distance to the nearest metro station, which is an official civil shelter