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17 Aug

Senator Сoncierge: 9 Kyiv events you must see this season

Kyiv is a perfect destination for your summer vacation or a delightful long weekend. We have carefully selected the top music event that will take place in Kyiv this season. And, of course, Senator Hotels and Apartments are looking forward to welcoming you in our centrally located apart-hotels this summer and beyond.


11.08 – 15.09 Botanica Jazz

Botanica Jazz gathers the best jazz performers and vocalists of the nation. Exceptional concerts, in an extraordinary place – create the perfect atmosphere for unforgettable feelings. Evenings at Botanica Jazz are an energizing journey into the universe of free and flexible jazz.

The best creations of the charming and fantastically gifted Barbara Streisand will be performed by the wonderful vocalist Mariana Golovko, accompanied by the quartet of Dmitry Alexandrov. Night melodies by Frank Sinatra will be exhibited to you by the performers of the DisLOCAdos quintet and vocalist Roman Russu.

18.08 Jazz on the roof – Ray Charles

Ray Charles created 70 studio and live albums. Many of his compositions are still performed by musicians around the world. The music of the genius of soul will be performed by the Old Fashioned Band under the guidance of a talented Ukrainian pianist and composer Pavel Ignatiev.

23.08 – 13.09 Jazz on the Beach

The virtuoso execution, enthusiastic vocals and natural brilliance make “Jazz on the Beach” an astounding leisure activity. This stunning project is sure to be acknowledged by jazz fans, as well as by individuals who are searching for new splendid feelings. In the summer, the heart and soul are more open than ever to new experiences.


18.08 Classics in the Rosary

On August 18, the Orchestra “Virtuosos of Kiev” will play the best works of Bach, Tchaikovsky, and Strauss, unbounded by the concert hall walls, the audience will experience orchestra music in the lovely atmosphere of Hryshko’s National Botanical Garden.

30.08 – 06.09 Organ Show Interstellar

Immerse yourself into a different reality at the Kiev Planetarium, an evening of Notre Dame de Paris organ music amid video projections of space. Where Bach, Brahms, Messiaen will be performed by Elena Bolyukh and reveal the magical sounds of France’s greatest organ.

25.08 Classics under the starry sky

The Kyiv Planetarium in collaboration with “ALMIA MUSIC” have arranged a new program “EXPRESS”. Enjoy the live music performance under the starry sky.

In the program of the show, the works of Vivaldi, Bolling, Dvorak, Rossini, Itjurald, and Molinelli will be performed by the best musicians of Ukraine.

The brightest projections of the Kyiv Planetarium will harmonize with the sounds of music.

1.09 Botanica classics – Vivaldi & Piazzolla

The evening will be filled with the aroma of blossoms and extraordinary music. Among jasmine and lianas, in the greenery of the National Botanical Garden, the amazing “Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi and the cycle of works “The Seasons in Buenos Aires” by Astor Piazzolla will sound. The most notorious violin concerti, by A. Vivaldi “The Four Seasons” is rightfully viewed as one of the best accomplishments of the Baroque era, as well as of the entire history of art.  “Seasons in Buenos Aires” by A. Piazzolla is an expressive suite of four tangos about the sentiments of a little man in a major city.

Encompassing the world through the eyes of Vivaldi and Piazzolla, virtuously depicted in two unique works, similarly influences us to appreciate the fullness of life.

09.09 Botanica classic – Mozart & Tchaikovsky

Gather in a place that unites the excellence of summer nature, and melodies that have become masterpieces of classical music in the Botanical Garden. Two incredible composers who immensely affected the world of musical culture and are played through centuries.

The staff of the Ocean Orchestra united the leading musicians of Ukraine under the guidance of the talented conductor Alexei Vikulov. The musicians of the band repeatedly represented classical music in the United States, Germany, China, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, countries of South-West Asia and the Arabian Peninsula.


18.08 – 25.08 Dinner Show on Veranda Terrace

This is a unique performance which builds on the act, accompanied by passionate vocals and circus tricks all while you enjoy fine dining. You’ll have the opportunity to taste extraordinary dishes cooked by Sergei Bashinsky and quirky cocktails made by the excellent mixologist Artem Sinegub. The magical atmosphere of panoramic view of the entire night Kyiv and the Dnipro River from the terrace will leave you delighted.