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30 Jan


February has a charm of its own. The musical spirit in the capital of Ukraine is alive. Throughout the month, Kyiv has any number of events for interesting hangouts. Senator has selected the most interesting events of the capital that promise pleasures for your ears. Take your pick!

2 February 2020 MIRELE 

After the project “We”, Eve presented her solo voyage. Miréle is dreamy vocals, light electronic music waves and soulful lyrics. Each song is a personal story, an opened nerve. “We” turned out to be only the first chord of her career, and the main note is still somewhere ahead.

Eva Krause is coming to Kyiv to sing about love and other feelings. Frankly and gently. As soon as she knows how.

7 February 2020 URIAH HEEP 

Uriah Heep will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the concert in Kiev. 50 years for the average person is nothing more than a figure. But if your case, which you live and breathe every day, is fulfilled for half a century, then it is definitely serious and forever.

Uriah Heep was lucky to be formed in 1969. It was then that hard rock was born, which spawned a bunch of iconic teams like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and, of course, Uriah Heep. Most hard rock bands ceased to exist in a few years, but not Uriah Heep. Every year, they only confirmed the status of rock and roll stars, uniting people around them. First in small clubs and then in stadiums.

This time they will share the music festival with their fans on a massive world tour.

9 February 2020 COMETHAZINE 

For the first time, the artist claimed the track Hella Choppers, which collected half a million plays on SoundCloud in just a few days. Then there was a tour with Post Malone. And the Bawskee mixtape with the Walk track has brought real success.

Today, the dates of the Comethazine concerts are spelled out for years to come. And you just can’t lose the unique opportunity to hear him in Kyiv!

16 February 2020 MGZAVREBI 

Mgzavrebi are unique, and over the years they have created their own easily recognizable musical style, adding improvisation to each performance, mixing elements of folk and classics. Their music is the embodiment of modern rhythms and authenticity of one of the most musical countries in the world – Georgia. Their six previous albums are very different, and each of them resonated with the Ukrainian listener.

29 February 2020 GEORGIA 

Former football player and drummer Kate Tempest, whose first album absorbed the influence of Missy Elliott and post-punk, is a young British star Georgia.

Her 2015 debut was accompanied by high-profile comparisons to MIA and Missy Elliott and rapturous compliments on her drumming. By the way, on all instruments on this album the girl played herself. Her second solo album, Seeking Thrills, was released in January 2020, and the artist will play her first concert in Ukraine. Don`t miss!